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Last updated on 06/11/2021

U-Haul International, Inc.

15250 E 40th Ave, , Denver,



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U-Haul serves more than 11 million do-it-yourself household moving customers annually. Our primary service objective is to provide a better and better product and service to more and more people a lower and lower cost. Since 1945, U-Haul has been the choice for the do-it-yourself mover. U-Haul custo...

Industry : Retail

Products and Services : U-Box Portable Storage,Moving Help,Uhaulcarshare,Corporate Accounts,Self Storage,Retail Storage,Human Resources,eMove,Moving Equipment Rental,Moving Supplies,Hitch Sales and Installation

Revenues (in million) : $ 10000.0000

Employees : 10,001+

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Key People

Jeffrey Valdez

Executive title(s): Director

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U-Haul International, Inc.

Frank Johnson

Executive title(s): Partner

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U-Haul International, Inc.

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