A comprehensive data directory, for sharp B2B marketing campaigns

Data DirecTree is a revolution in the database marketing realm. It is designed to give you unrestricted access to the most up to date and verified B2B marketing datasets currently available in the industry. Built from the ground up to make your lead generation programs spectacular, Data DirecTree is a bespoke solution that gives you considerable power to run result oriented marketing campaigns.

With a repository of 36 million verified B2B profiles, Data DirecTree is your best bet to get data, when you need it. Traditionally, all data travels through various channels before it actually is usable. We make that trip a short one. Login, search, save, download. Be it technology, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, services, HR, software and hardware, Data DirecTree gives you direct in roads into the strongest sets of data.

B2B Marketing

It doesn't stop at data access- we make it easy to get this data too

Having a great data set isn't enough! You should be able to gain value from it. Unstructured data is the biggest issue; right after access to data. Strong marketing campaigns need exact match data. When you know who your target audience is, the next natural step is to find those profiles. How does Data DirecTree help you with this?

Search filters enabled on the platform

  • Name
  • Location- state, country, city
  • Title
  • Department
  • Company name
  • Revenue range
  • Industry
  • SIC and NICS codes

These are just the standard search filters to which each and every one of the 36 million contact files are tagged to. It vastly improves the ability to and extracts the right contact details. Prospects need the right information at the right time, through the right medium. If you are able to find the right prospect, reaching them becomes a whole lot easier. Data DirecTree is designed to help you data extraction easy and effective. It has recommended search function too which lets you know what the database has for you, instead of you working for it.

Smart datasets that work in your favour

All contacts within the Data DirecTree B2B directory are segmented to perfection. It has separate modules for technology and healthcare databases. Dig deeper and you'll find organisational charts that give you a holistic look at how a company is structured, who does what and much more. This powers up your marketing strategy to a higher degree. Response rates are higher when you design your campaigns specifically to your target base.

Verified to the highest degree, so you don't have to worry about data quality

Data DirecTree provides users with multi source verified B2B contact information. This means it is verified via email, phone and social media handles. This is a crucial aspect of database marketing and has a significant effect on campaign performance and ROI. The data hygiene process does not stop there. If you find bad quality data, which is a possibility in the database industry, you can flag that contact and you will get a guaranteed replacement to it.

The Data DirecTree gives you access to name, direct phone number, email address, social media handles, and location, industry, company and company details as a minimum viewable information. You can also get additional information such as intent data which is available within the healthcare datasets. This gives you prescription details of doctors attached to their details.

Get the most from your prospecting campaigns with the largest searchable directory of B2B contacts in the world- Data DirecTree